Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Qualifications of Dr.Sameer Dogra

Dr.”Sam” believes in offering superior patient care with attention to the patient as an individual. He loves dentistry and always strives to learn more – as one should never be done learning – to improve the care he delivers to his patients. Dr. Sam has been in the dental field for thirteen years, starting with his graduating in India with a Bachelors degree in Dental Surgery ( B.D.S ). He then moved to the US and graduated with his Doctorate in Dental Medicine ( D.M.D ) from Boston University – Goldman School of Dental Medicine.
Dr. Sam continues to pursue taking CE courses to further expand his services he offers to his patients . He attends over 50 hours of continuing education courses per year to update his knowledge of dentistry.
Dr. Sam received special training in Sedation Dentistry from Docs-education to help his patients relax during dental procedures. He believes in creating a safe, comfortable environment and pleasant dental experience for his patients. Dr.Sam is Dental board certified dentist to administer Oran and conscious sedation. 
Dr. Sam also specializes in Implant Dentistry and received his membership in Implant dentistry from International Dental Implant Association in Miami FL . Currently, his focus has been on Sedation, Implants, Gum and tooth Aesthetics.
Dr.Sam specializes in Pin Hole Surgical Technique developed by Dr. John Chao in Alhambra California . Pin hole surgery offers treatment of receding gums without Scalpel, Sutures and traditional Grafts. It is safe with no pain and swelling next day. Its a Scalpel free, Suture Free, Graft free treatment option for receding gums. 
He also has extensive experience in Prosthodontics and Oral Surgery and offers a wide variety of dental services to his patients. He enjoys providing patients with beautiful smiles – whether it is with veneers or gum treatments – he takes pride in his work. Dr. Sam believes there is a strong connection between good oral health and good overall health.
Sam's latest CE was on Invisalign . The office offers Botox and Derma Fillers with Dr.AShley Pinette. With growing technology Dr.Sam also offers painless injections with the WAND. 
CTBT ( Cone Beam CT ) for all his patients who undergo Dental Implant placement procedures. The office offers Pelleve wrinkle reduction which is state of the art procedure for Wrinkle reduction along . 
Please call the office at 603 647 2278 for a complimentary consultation . 


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