Saturday, March 5, 2016

Immediate Dental Implants

What are immediate dental Implants ?

Immediate Dental Implants have gained attention in the last few years and are the best option available when the tooth breaks from the gum line. They are also indicated if there is a decayed tooth which is non infected and needs an extraction and another indication is if a patient has a dentition but due to caries or periodontitis all the teeth need removal . The implants are placed with an immediate denture in place. This is also called Per diem Denture or Implant supported denture.  

What is the procedure of an immediate Implant ?
It involves correct diagnosis with treatment planning and involves X-rays/ 3D scan of the tooth and bone around it. Removal of the tooth with preservation of the bone around it is an important factor required for an immediate Implant. 
The tooth is removed and an appropriate sized implant selected it is screwed in place after cleaning the socket ( the hole after the tooth is gone ) .
Usually the implant is buried in the bone for proper healing and sometimes if the tooth is in esthetic zone the crown is placed over the implant if the dentist gets proper torque from the implant when he is screwing it in the Bone. 
Is the immediate implant  procedure painful ?
The dentist will numb the area around the implant  for approximately  8-12 hours and the only medication  needed is Motrin 400mg and Tylenol 500mg together and only once. Implant patients are not subject to dry socket. Patient usually feel no pain after the procedure. 

Does my dentist do the immediate Implant if i need one? 
Dentist need training for this kind of surgery. Many dentists will refer to an Oral Surgeon to do the extraction and the implant. 
Dental arts of Bedford office is unique as they do immediate dental implants in house and Dr. Dogra has successfully done many of them. 
Dr. Dogra has been trained in Dental Implants and is an active member of International Dental Implant Association.
If you have any questions regarding Dental Implants please Contact Dr.Sameer Dogra at 603 647 2278. 

In this picture below patient got a immediate implant from Dr.Sameer Dogra as the patient broke the tooth from the gum line and wanted to fix it ASAP. 



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