Friday, February 26, 2016

How Implant-Supported Dentures Benefit your Everyday Life

Implant-supported dentures offer the latest in denture stabilization through permanent implant posts, so you can enjoy treatment that improves your everyday life and minimizes the time you spend on making your prosthetics work for you. Dr. Dogra and his team provide implant dentures as a way to help patients enjoy better dental health, improved overall wellness, and enhanced quality of life.
For patients with tooth loss, implant dentures provide the following benefits:

No More Denture Paste - The goop you use to apply traditional dentures is messy and, while it may work well enough initially, wears down its grip throughout the day. Dentures that affix into implants do not require the application of paste, helping to cut down on mess and time spent on your daily oral hygiene routine.

Strong, Functional Dentures All Day Long - Because your dentures are firmly held in place by implants that are rooted in bone, you can expect that your teeth won’t slip or slide throughout the day. With implants, your dentures will be strong enough so that you can enjoy your favorite meals and won’t slip out to slur your speech.

Improved Comfort - When traditional dentures become loose, they can rub on soft tissue which causes gum irritation and discomfort. This inconvenience can be one of the many reasons why patients choose to forgo wearing their dentures in the first place. However, implant-supported dentures rest on implant posts, not on gums, so there is no painful rubbing or slipping.

As Close as Possible to your Natural Teeth - Dentures held in place with dental implants posts are the next best treatment available to having your own, real teeth. Your dentures will feel like a natural, seamless part of your smile, instead of a bulky, uncomfortable addition. With implant dentures, you can forget that you’re wearing dentures at all and enjoy having a beautiful smile.

Questions about Implant Denture? Contact our Office

If you have questions about replacing natural teeth with implant dentures, or securing your existing dentures with dental implant posts, contact our Bedford implant dentist, Dr. Sameer Dogra, for more information.

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